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20 years of DJ experience packed with professional DJ and Sound & Lighting equipment. Supreme Entertainer has produced 1000's of partys across Western Canada and beyond. DJ Sheldon Mark has some of Canada's top Entertainment and services for all types of budgets. Let us get the party started at your next event.

What are your prices on your services?

Our prices range from all types of packages and services. We are very flexable and affordable. Remember there is no real price on experience.

We have 5 experienced DJ's that have 100's of hours of playing and entertaining experience. 

We always have back systems in case something does go wrong. 

Do you have back up systems in case something goes wrong?
How many DJ's do you have?

We have over 65,000 songs ranging from Top 40 to polkas. We are very proud to be part of the CDJA and AVLA

How many songs do you have on hand?
Are you a licensed company?

We are part of the CDJA and AVLA and have a excellent record with the BBB.

We will travel to many parts of Western Canada. We do have a milege charge on most packages. DO check on prices.

Do you travel?
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